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Lifts and Elevators

Passenger Elevator 

Product Code: PDBAB_407594128

We have designed our passenger elevators in such a way that they can move more residents, tenants, and visitors into mid-rise, low-rise, and high-rise buildings safely and comfortably. It is made with international standards requirements and standards. It is the most flexible passenger lift solution which matches with perfection and functionality. Our company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of these elevators in Delhi and we are very reliable in terms of payment and accept payment through cash, cheque, and demand draft. 

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MRL Car Lift 

Product Code: PDBAB_067316474

The powerful and high-performance MRL car lift offers the best car elevator solution. It is ideal for transporting all kinds of cars. The lift is infused with multiple security options for ensuring the highest safety of the vehicle. It also helps in saving the machine room space, smooth ride, and accurate leveling. This lift works at a speed of approx 0.5 to 1.0 m/s and retains a maximum capacity of 4000 kgs. Its wider and broader doors ensure easy entry and exit of the cars. The lift has a metallic sensor for hall calls and supports a dual-car operating panel. Its interior is made of the highest-grade materials for ensuring the highest security. 

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Hospital Elevator 

Product Code: PDBAB_480711927

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of hospital elevators across Delhi. Our elevators have the perfect size and scale for the easy transportation of the patient in the wheelchair, wheeling away the patient on stretchers without any disturbance to his lifesaver system, etc. We have designed our lifts in a way that they can accommodate the standard hospital bed along with a few persons. This elevator is also suitable for carrying heavy hospital equipment. Our highly skilled engineers have designed the lift with international standards through high-quality raw materials.

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Goods Lift 

Product Code: PDBAB_334060941

The goods lift manufactured and supplied by us are very sturdy and durable and are made of high-grade stainless steel material. We have designed the elevator in such a way that it can easily carry heavy cargo along with a few persons. The lift supports an accurate leveling system that can be easily controlled within a few millimeters. It has a large door opening with a multiple-folded cabin structure for reaching the maximum width. This elevator works well at a speed of approximately 1.3 MPs and a higher capacity that the lift can handle is 3 tons. Our elevator is highly used in warehouses and big industries. 

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Domestic Lifts 

Product Code: PDBAB_034852594

Muskan Elevators' range of domestic lifts is very safe and reliable and we do not compromise anything on quality. Our elevators are available with energy-efficient technology and sustainable modernization along with upgrades packages are also available with us. We provide top-notch lifts which suit many residential and commercial environments. Our company provides numerous sizes of domestic lifts such as 8-person lift, which works at a speed of around 15m/s. It also gets customized as per the customer's needs with various duplex and triplex solutions. Our company has a state of infrastructure along with the latest manufacturing tools and techniques which make the process of making elevators smoother. 

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Glass Lift 

Product Code: PDBAB_606872448

The glass lifts manufactured by Muskan Elevators are a very appealing category of lifts which is erected in the lobby or in a place where it beautifies the building's look. We are highly experienced in offering the best glass lifts which are suited to every customer. These lifts are very authentic, cost-effective, and require very less maintenance. Our company uses the highest quality components to make sure that the lifts meet industry standards. Moreover, before offering the products to our customers, we examine the products on various quality checks on different parameters to make sure that it had met the needs and requirements of the customers. 

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Residential Lifts

Product Code: PDBAB_852925778

Many residential owners and real estate owners count on us for manufacturing the best range of residential lifts. Our company delivers safe, durable, stylish, and effective elevators which work for a longer time without maintenance. We have skilled engineers who have designed elevators with excellent ride quality which possess minimum noise. Hence, residents can have seamless mobility along with no often complaints. We have lifts for all applications including low to high-rise properties with customized interiors. Our personnel is fully dedicated to offering the highest quality products to our customers. 

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